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2020 Black Wealth Summit Vendor/ Sponsorship Form

The purpose of the Black Wealth Summit is simple: Our goal is to share proven strategies on wealth creation, wealth preservation and transferring wealth efficiently.  We have some of the greatest regionally and nationally recognized names in business and commerce sharing their expertise with our participants in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Branding, PR, Real Estate Investing, Tax law and understanding the tax code, Finance, Insurance, and so much more! The success of The Black Wealth Summit will be credited largely to our sponsors and vendors who lend their names, financial support and time to our event.  

 We would like to offer you the opportunity to have a great impact in our community by agreeing to sponsor this wonderful event and by selecting one of the sponsorship packages detailed on the enclosed sponsorship commitment form. You may select the level of participation that best meets your needs, and be secure in the knowledge that your sponsorship will be used in a manner that has impact and highlights your amazing organization.  

We have four sponsorship packages available to choose from; Platinum, Diamond, Gold, or Friends of the Movement. Thank you to our current sponsors. And, for those seeking more information, please download the form below.

The Black Wealth Summit 2019






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